Meet Melissa, she embarked on her fitness journey seeking consistency, guidance, and a welcoming community after the pandemic forced her previous gym to close its doors. Her search for an environment that resonated with her needs led her through various fitness experiences, but it wasn’t until discovering Liven Up that she found her perfect fit and made strides like no other.

Here is some insight into Melissa’s journey here at Liven Up ….

“I tried Beach Body after my gym closed because it couldn’t sustain the economic strain of COVID-19, but I quickly learned my consistency hinged on in-person interaction. Before Liven Up, I tried Planet Fitness, but I wanted a set routine and expert guidance. I saw a Liven Up ad on Facebook, called, and sat down with Emily. I was impressed with the semi-private and private session options and loved the demonstrations and flow of the workouts. The environment was also warm and welcoming, so joining was a no-brainer. 

Since joining Liven Up, I appreciate “consistency beats intensity” on a new level. My range of motion, strength, discipline, and confidence have improved in my year and a half with Liven Up. No matter how long or exhausting the day, I’m never sorry when I show up to the gym and do the work. I can count on the expert coaches to teach me safe techniques, make me laugh, and brighten my week. They promote a judgment-free community; with them, I’ve learned to focus on the race I’m running and honor my small victories.

I encourage my friends to try Liven Up, no matter their fitness level. The coaches provide safe and physically challenging modifications that help you develop good form and habits, gradually improving your fitness levels. I’m grateful for the positive relationship with fitness and my body that Liven Up nurtures.”

Melissa’s journey is a testament to the transformation possible at Liven Up, a place where consistency, community, and growth intersect to shape an inspiring fitness narrative.
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