Sweat Success Story: Bethany G.

I originally came to Liven Up because I had been wanting to live a healthier lifestyle for a long time but I knew I needed guidance. When I saw that Liven Up had small group classes led by a trainer, I knew it was something I had to try.

I was an athlete my whole life until I went to college and when I got there, I realized I didn’t know how to workout in a “traditional” gym setting and I didn’t like working out by myself. I tried to force myself a few times over the years but I didn’t enjoy it so it never stuck. I also struggled with my nutrition. I wanted to eat healthier but could never find the motivation to stick with it.
Here at Liven Up, I have found a community of people who support me and my goals. Since starting here 9 months ago, I have lost 40 pounds and counting! I am lifting weights heavier than I ever thought possible. My energy has improved and the benefits have been countless!
Besides being surrounded by such a supportive group of people (coaches and fellow members/friends alike), I don’t think I was expecting how drastically my mindset would change. I started off thinking I was working out so I could get healthier and still eat whatever I wanted. Then after a while of training at Liven Up, I was working so hard in the gym and enjoying it so much, that my training sessions started to motivate me to work hard on my nutrition outside of the gym. I didn’t want to ruin all that hard work by fueling my body with junk. I have never been so motivated before coming to Liven Up. My training motivates me to eat better and I have never had more energy in my life!
Prior to coming to Liven Up, I was nervous about not being fit enough to get through a class and staying motivated since I had tried other gyms before. I was especially nervous to join a new gym by myself where I didn’t know a single person. I had wanted to join Liven Up for months before I got the courage to finally do it. Once I joined I realized I didn’t have anything to be worried about. Liven Up is a place for everyone no matter your age or skill level.
The best thing about Liven up is the people! Everyone is so supportive and encouraging! I look forward to going to Liven Up every day to see everyone!

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