Sweat Success Story: Susan O.

I was introduced to Liven Up by my friend Kari. I was in need of finding someone to re-motivate me. It was never an issue for me to be self-motivated in the past, but I got to a place of exercise fatigue and was eager for a fresh start. I found my old activity habits becoming chores that I was not looking forward to. Before Liven Up, I tried a variety of aerobics classes, running 5K’s, 10K’s, cardio machines, weight machines, and hiking. These all had initial results but with the same repetitive routine, those results faded away. Once I got to Liven Up, I finally got the results I was hoping for. In fact, I got much more than I had expected. For years, I was unable to sleep on my right shoulder because of bursitis and a torn rotator cuff. Once starting at Liven Up, I no longer have pain in my right shoulder and have an improved range of motion as well. Now I can sleep on my right side with no pain! I have also noticed increased overall strength, decreased body fat, and increased muscle mass. Another benefit is that each week, I have a fresh start and challenging workouts ahead! I’ve been at Liven Up for 2 years. Before coming here, I viewed other facilities as focusing on machines and not people. It was just movement patterns and instructions to move from machine to machine, and group classes with no interaction with the instructor. I remember feeling so disappointed when I would forget my iPod and headphones because socializing was not a part of the environment. That is actually something I like the most about Liven Up. There is positive energy, respectful and motivating culture, and inspiring coaches. I always appreciate the motivation from my Liven Up friends when I’m working through that last push-up or burpee!