Sweat Success Story: Meg & Deb D.

We originally came to Liven Up because we were looking for a place with staff that would take sincere interest in understanding our fitness needs and continue that interest for longer than the first month. So we signed up for a trial membership, and after that first month, we knew that we had found the place, the staff, and the atmosphere that we were looking for. We’ve tried big gyms and smaller workout programs in the past. We lost interest and motivation to attend; the cycle of health, fitness, nutrition, and self-confidence was in a constant up and down. There was no personal interest in checking on our progress at other facilities.

We absolutely got the results we were hoping for from Liven Up Fitness and more! We were hoping to feel stronger, to simply move more, and develop increased stamina. We wanted to walk up the stairs and not be exhausted after a few steps. After a year, we are motivated to schedule ourselves to get there even on those tougher days. We are encouraged to challenge our bodies to be stronger and healthier. Not only do we walk up the stairs without panting now, but we can also carry multiple things without needing to hold on to the railing! 

We have gained a new outlook on fitness. We’ve learned about our bodies and what we can control, what lifestyle habits we can change, and what can be done nutritionally to lead a healthy life long-term. These things can all be learned in books or other media, but when you’re at liven up fitness, it’s an ongoing discussion among members with the coaches. It’s like a family discussion that doesn’t end and it just keeps giving! We’ve made so many new friends since coming to Liven Up.

Additionally, we were not sure how coaches and members would feel about working out with a person with a disability. Given the many perceptions of ability for individuals with Down Syndrome, in the past we have been confronted with a lack of knowledge and understanding so it was definitely in the front of our minds when we started at Liven Up. From day one, there was never any hesitation from the coaches about Megan’s ability. All of her coaching focused on the same expectations as for everyone else – work to your best ability and they would make modifications. The encouragement from toe coaches and members has been life-changing in more ways than can be described. It’s an experience that we are all part of as a fitness family.

The atmosphere at Liven Up Fitness is filled with contagious praise, pride, and positivity. Not only are we greeted by coaches but also by other members. It’s a bit odd to say, but members get excited for one another as we sweat and grunt our way through each rep. We also love the monthly member activities outside of our regular workout sessions and out in the community. 

The cheers, the high-fives, and praise from coaches and members as we take on a new challenge, a heavier weight, or more reps are by far the most memorable experiences. Or the coaches taking the time to repeatedly look at the MyZone board to watch our MEP count increase – this has been a huge motivating factor for us lately. Or taking the time to catch up on a special event in a coach’s or member’s life because we all care about each other. 

We truly appreciate all of the coaches! Each has given us a different reason to be motivated and to celebrate fitness! Thank you…you will always be part of our family!