Sweat Success Story: Mary Beth K.

I began riding horses competitively again 4 years ago, but I found that I needed to improve my core strength and cardiovascular fitness level. My husband, Paul, had just joined Liven Up and I was seeing him get great results and he really enjoyed the community of people. It seemed like a fun thing that we could do together.

Prior to coming to Liven Up, I had primarly just walked and rode horses. I’ve also done those 80’s step aerobics classes a very longtime ago! I hadn’t been a member of an actual gym since 1991.

After coming to Liven Up, I began seeing the results I was looking for. My stamina improved when riding and is even better than some of the younger equestrians. My horse also has to deal with my new-found endurance and strength when riding!

In addition to that, I got far more than I expected from Liven Up. I was able to proudly rock a bikini during the summer this year. I also love the friends I’ve made through the social events that Liven Up hosts!

The things I like most about Liven Up are the positive atmosphere, coaches & staff (LC <3), who always have your best interest in mind, who are knowledge, and who keep it real! Thank you to ALL of you!!! XOXO