Sweat Success Story: Lynn A.

In a few short years prior to joining Liven Up, I had gained 20 lbs, was feeling miserable, and my eating habits were horrible. I wanted and neededto get myself in shape to be able to keep up with my new grandson once he was on the move, and to improve my overall health.

How was I going to accomplish this? I had no discipline to exercise at home. I had tried other gyms, but once the ‘newness’ wore off, it became boring and the staff wasn’t as hands-on as promised. Then one day, I found a brochure in my mailbox and was intrigued. I checked out the website and immediately scheduled a meeting to learn more. When I met with Whitney, a group session was just finishing up and it looked like a lot of fun. Fun – something I was missing from my life.

I had always been active growing up – playing various sports into adulthood. I was embarrassed and very self-conscious when I first started out at Liven Up. I couldn’t even jump rope! Thankfully, no one judged me. Words of encouragement from the coaches and other members helped me overcome my self-consciousness. I’m happy to say that I can jump rope again and I continue to make progress in my level of fitness and overall health.

On-point meetings and the many group challenges provided have helped me one step at a time to reach my goals. The most recent challenge was a turning point for me. My eating habits have done a 180 and now I look forward to planning healthier meals and snacks.

The journey continues three years later, and I lookforward to each time I walk into the gym – not only for ‘what’s on the menu today’ (in our workouts), but also for the friendly faces and positive energy. I’ve had my struggles, but with the combination of hard work, encouragement from the coaches & team members (aka FitFam),  and perserverence, I have lost the weight I gained and am feeling good!

What do I like most about Liven Up? EVERYTHING! Thank you coaches and staff for helping me making my life better!