Lynn’s success story is a shining example of how age is just a number when it comes to staying healthy and active. As she approaches her 80th birthday, Lynn credits Liven Up Fitness for keeping her going strong and maintaining her health.

Lynn had always valued her health and believed that staying active was key to a fulfilling life. Read to find out how Liven Up helped with this…

“I have been physically active all my life, with exercise a regular part of my routine. Unfortunately, my motivation to exercise would diminish after a few months and I would stop until I found a new place or way to workout. I first joined Liven Up when it first opened with a promotion for a few months, I loved it. Unfortunately, my husband became ill and I found myself his sole caregiver so I had to stop attending training sessions. I rejoined about 6 years ago and have been training ever since. In my early 70’s, it was important that I worked out with trainers who would make sure I was doing things correctly and push me without pushing me too far.

I have lost weight, I am stronger, and I have much more stamina. 4 years ago I did a 7 day 80 mile hike on the Portuguese Camino. With 4 teenage, athletic grandchildren, I am able to do all kinds of physical activities with them like zip lining, hiking, and white water rafting. Liven Up has helped be do all of this, most of my friends have trouble getting off the couch. 

The staff is professional and caring. The members are like a family, encouraging you to do your best. Liven Up is a safe place to improve your physical abilities. It is also a happy place because we all enjoy being there and together. My membership in Liven Up is keeping me physically able to things most people my age can’t. I look forward to continue working out at Liven up well into my 80’s, maybe even celebrating my 90th birthday during a training session.”

Lynn’s success story serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that it’s never too late to prioritize health and well-being. Liven Up Fitness has not only helped Lynn stay healthy and vibrant in her golden years but has also empowered her to enjoy life to the fullest. Her story reminds us all that age should never be an obstacle when it comes to pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle. If you relate to Lynn and are ready to feel the same way she does, click below to learn more!

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