Sweat Success Story: Lynn J.

I originally came to Liven Up Fitness because I realized that I needed to begin a program that would help me to maintain the muscle strength that I had at the time. My friend Melanie was a member, and had highly recommended Liven Up. This would turn out to be some the best advice I had ever been given. 

I have always been active in some way – early on in my life, it was running and aerobics, but over time, I developed injuries and wasn’t able to keep it up. I then began yoga, something that I still continue to do. 

After coming to Liven Up, I’ve gotten more than I expected. I started here thinking that I would just be able to maintain my strength, but so far I feel that I’m stronger and more fit than I’ve ever been. Not only am I stronger, but I’m much more aware of my posture and exercise form, and how my diet affects the way that I feel. 

Prior to coming to Liven Up, I felt that gyms were for younger people. There were so many times that I would take a class somewhere and would feel out of place because of my age. Liven Up changed that. It’s great seeing so many women of all ages working out and loving it. 

I love the positive attitude from everyone, and the sense of truly caring for the clients, and the encouragement that we get. Y’all are great! I have so many favorite memories at Liven Up – I love it all!