Sweat Success Story: Laura K.


After having had surgery to remove a brain tumor, I was limited in terms of what physical activities I could do. Before I knew it, I had gained over 50 lbs. Thankfully, my sister introduced me to Liven Up.

I was excited to start, but also a little skeptical. I had belonged to other gyms and none of them ever kept my interest. I remember paying for a one-year membership at a gym and only went a few times. There was never any direction or coaching. I felt as if I was doing the same routine over and over again.

My main reason for joining Liven Up was to lose weight, However, after being here and seeing how my body has changed, I have so many new goals that I want to achieve. Improving my nutrition, building muscle, and possibly even doing an obstacle course race one day are some things I’m working on. I have no doubt that I will be able to accomplish all of these.

Every day, I feel stronger and healthier. I have seen the weight and inches come off. I’ve learned so much about what’s required to lose weight while getting healthier and stronger. I owe this all to the coaching staff who refuses to allow “comfortable” to be a workout. Thank you all for the push. I must also add that the members are fantastic. I actually get excited knowing that I’m coming into a great supportive group of people and coaches. I can’t wait to see what positive changes the next year holds for me!