Sweat Success Story: Janet B.

I was working out for years and needed to make a change because it was becoming very basic and I didn’t see much results. I went and met with Chris when Liven Up first opened, and I knew right then, this is the place for me. I can’t even describe how happy I am with the club and my results!

I joined several gyms before Liven Up, but they just didn’t do it for me. Joining Liven Up was exactly what I was looking for, but I got more than that. Not only are the sessions awesome, but the coaches & staff are amazing and they honestly make you feel like you’re a part of the FitFam. They care about you like no other gym would!

I not only got the results I wanted, but I also got educated on how to work out smarter and how to do each movement properly. The coaches are right there telling me how I can correct my form if needed. I got so much more than I expected. My health is at the best it’s ever been. I’m much more confident about myself and feel like I’m always pushing myself to work out harder.

Other gyms didn’t have that personal touch. Once I made my first payment at other gyms, not one person approached me about my progress or any concerns I might have. Liven Up is in a league of its own when it comes to fitness. The coaches are so motivating and genuinely care about their clients.

My favorite part of the facility is the staff and coaches! The minute I walk into the gym, everyone is greeting each other! I love meeting any new members. It truly is a Fit Fam! I have met so many new people and built a ton of friendships. I’m known to chat with everyone at the gym and I honestly enjoy every minute of it! I even got an award a few years ago – Most Talkative and I LOVE it!

I have so much more to say about the gym but I suggest if anyone is looking for a place to get a great workout and meet great people, then come to Liven Up – you will not regret it! Liven Up has been there for me through happy times and sad times. Liven up is not only for physical fitness, but emotional wellness as well. I always look forward to my workouts on a daily basis!