Sweat Success Story: Danielle G.

I was looking for a place to help me reach my goals. I have always been an athlete as a basketball player in high school, but over time and after children, I no longer looked like an athlete. In 2012, after realizing that I was depressed from tragic life events, I took to running to try and clear my head. I hated running in high school but decided that I wanted to set a goal for myself of running a full marathon. I found running to be very therapeutic and within a year, I met my goal. I was in the best shape in my adult life at that time, but it was not long after that I started to put the weigh back on and even more than before. I needed to find a new goal. In 2014, I took on the task of trying to run a half marathon in all 50 states before I turned 50. I started to put half marathons on my calendar on a regular basis, but my times weren’t the best. Putting weigh on made running much harder than it was in 2012. I was looking for something to help me get back to my healthy weight and improve my times so I could fully enjoy the process of the goal that I set.

I tried everything before coming to Liven Up – different diet plans and other gyms. I can’t even tell you how I had lost weight before when I ran my full marathon, but this time around, nothing was working. I was running, but not as much as I had been previously. It was not enough to see results, and I was just not motivated. Within the last 6 months of finally understanding the process and getting serious, I have dropped 40 lbs. I no longer get daily heartbun from eating pretty much anything. I have more energy and my run times have improved so much. My best time had always been my very first half marathon (2h 17m), but after the last 6 months at Liven Up, I PR’d with a time two minutes less than that (2h 15 min). I’ve PR’d twice since then at 2h 12m most recently. I have no doubt that in time, I will be able to get my half marathon time under 2 hours.

I’ve been at Liven Up for 2 years, but it didn’t ‘click’ for me until May of this year. Once I realized the opportunity I was missing, everything changed. I had joined countless gyms and would go a few weeks and then stop. No one cared there, and they were just happy to get my money without having to provide any services. I don’t do well with relying on other people, so that was a tough barrier for me at Liven Up. A common theme for me in my life is that people leave when it matters and you need support. No one is there but me, myself, and I. Therefore, leaning on someone else or thinking that someone else cares about my results was very new to me. Depending on the coaches and letting them help me has been new to me, but accepting it has made all the difference.

I love feeling so good after a workout and surprising myself with what I can do. Just when I think there is no way I can lift any heavier weight, when my back is turned, my weight will mysteriously be gone and replaced with a slightly heavier one. With the support of the coaches, I get the job done and feel amazing afterwards