Sweat Success Story: Dan & Jess L.


We originally came to Liven Up Fitness because we wanted to find a facility close to home that offered something different than typical big box gyms. We met the Liven Up Team at Veg Fest in 2014. Our second son was about to be born, and we were discussing how we wanted to work together so Jess could get back into a fitness routine.

We were members at various gyms in the Lehigh Valley, and various online personal coaching programs, but we weren’t finding a long-term fit. It was not motivating going from machine to machine and seeing the same people but not getting to know anyone.

Since coming to Liven Up, we’ve gained knowledge, confidence, and a community of friends. We look forward to our workouts each week as this is our lifestyle. We also try to be good role models for our boys and show them how important exercise is to our overall health.

We weren’t sure what Liven Up was about in the beginning, and it was a little intimidating at first as it was different than other gyms where we were completely on our own. Once it clicked for us that Liven Up was there to help us succeed, it was a no brainer that this could be our gym long-term.

One of the things we like most about Liven Up is doing more with less. We also like how open and clean the gym is! And we love the community at Liven Up. The staff and members have become extended family. The genuine nature of giving back is very important to us, and we see it constantly at Liven Up from the holidays with the Giving Tree and Food Pantry collection to fundraisers for non-profits that support our very own FitFam

One of Dan’s goals is to not leave behind his belongings. He might hold the record for forgetting the most stuff – water bottles, car keys, one shoe, and a leg? 😛

We want to say thank you to Liven Up for being exactly what we need when we need it! Cheers!