Sweat Success: Liz D.

I was looking to change up my workouts. I went to more “typical” gyms for years and got bored of doing the same old things all the time. I was looking to change it up and stay motivated. I like being active and I like working out- I’ve been an athlete my whole life and wanted to keep changing it up to avoid that dreaded plateau! I was also looking to further my journey of being healthy and happy. A few years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, which caused things like fatigue, brain fog, body aches, etc. I had a hard time working out and staying active and when I was diagnosed, I found out I had to completely change my eating habits. As I started to feel better and heal, I wanted to find new ways to challenge my body and get strong again- I hadn’t really been able to work out for a long time and I just didn’t feel strong anymore. That’s when Liven Up entered my life! I came to a free community workout, and I was hooked!

I went to more “typical” gyms, but I was bored and didn’t really see the results I was looking for. I was really bad at planning workouts ahead of time and changing it up. I also tried different types of classes, but they weren’t for me. I tended to do mostly cardio – the elliptical, step class, spin, etc. I was also a runner and would run about 4 times a week, but my body just doesn’t like doing that anymore! Those types of workouts worked when I was younger, but as I get older, I am finding I like the circuit training and lifting weights I can do at Liven Up- and the results!

I love the workouts and variety. Each workout is different and I can workout with different people. It’s a supportive environment and I like how everyone encourages each other to keep going. I’m also reaching my main goal- to be healthy and feel strong. Because I like the workouts, and the supportive environment, I find myself wanting to come in and workout and I really miss it when I don’t get in a for a few days! I’ve also surprised myself- I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy lifting and using kettle bells in my workouts. I’ve gotten a lot of my strength back (and then some!), and I love pushing myself to find out how strong I really am. We are all stronger than we think!

I would say the biggest benefit is the team atmosphere. I tend to be more introverted, but I enjoy throwing some high fives and meeting new people. I know when I walk in to Liven Up, someone will be there to greet me and my teammates will cheer each other on to get through the workouts! Not going to lie, I also find myself getting a little competitive and trying to keep up with everyone around me. I also love that the workouts are all different- and I don’t have to plan them myself 🙂 I just have to show up, ready to go, and I know I’ll have a great full body workout by the time I’m done. Having coaches is also amazing- making sure I’m working hard and encouraging me to be my best. I feel like an athlete again! I also like the educational pieces- the community events, learning about why we do certain exercises and how. I love a good “knowledge bomb!”

I know consistency is important to getting results- and it’s easy to be consistent when you love where you workout!

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