Sweat Success: Fred & Holly H.

We originally came to Liven up Fitness because we were looking for something that would challenge us a little more than the other venues that we had tried. What we ended up finding was a place that trains us like athletes but also has a great sense of community. We tried several local franchise gyms but they didn’t work for us. I (Fred) also did P90x for several years and have had success but after about 3 years it wasn’t keeping me motivated anymore.

We have definitely seen positive improvements in our lives. We are pretty good at pushing ourselves but we believe the thing that sets Liven Up Fitness apart from anywhere else is the coaches. They are all tuned into everyone there and know how to push us when needed or scale it back when necessary.

We definitely are getting more than we expected. We had no idea how joining Liven up would change our lives. Obviously, we have improved our fitness levels but our mental clarity and sense of balance in our lives also improved greatly. We both have high stress, high energy careers, and being part of the Fitfam has helped to keep us stay grounded and calm. We have met so many great people at Liven Up that are all so positive and welcoming and who we consider our friends. Most other places in our experience don’t seem to be well organized and lacked structure so we were always wasting a lot of time there. We love that we can be in and out within an hour and have a killer workout. The coaches bring tons of enthusiasm, high energy, and compassion for everyone in the Fitfam. The energy and positivity when you walk in the door are contagious.  We both feel that joining Liven Up was more than an investment in our health but also an investment in our marriage. As crazy as it sounds, we look forward to Friday night happy hour workout as date night!

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