Sweat Success: Erika B.

I originally joined Liven Up in March 2016. I remember having my first meeting with Chris and talking about what goals I had wanted to achieve. We did our assessment, and I remember walking around the facility with him and seeing all the sweat success stories along the wall. I remember saying to myself, I am going to get on that wall one day!!

I have always been a small girl. I played high school & college sports, was mindful of my diet and always kept active. However, after getting married in 2015, I noticed my confidence was down. I wasn’t that 21-year-old girl where I could eat whatever I wanted, and still look good! My husband has a great workout routine where he can work out to tapes at home. So, at that time, I figured I try it. That lasted about a week. I joined your big box gyms, local Barre3 classes but I found it wasn’t my thing.

After seeing the workouts at Liven Up, it was a totally out of the box workout for me. I had never properly used weights before, never worked with kettlebells, or done any sort of intense workouts. After my trial period, I knew this was the place for me. I was HOOKED! I would leave my sessions feeling like a whole new person! One of my favorite things about Liven Up is the On-Point meetings. Not only is it a fun way to have a one on one meeting with the coaches, but you really can see your hard work over a course of time. I made it a part of my schedule to have an on-point meeting every 6 weeks, so I knew I was hitting my goals. What I also love about the gym is the fact you can come into the gym not only for group classes or semi-private sessions, but be able to use the weights & equipment on your own time. For the past few months, I’ve been utilizing the gym with my Alloy app where John inputs some workouts for me to do on my own. It’s been an extra boost in addition to my sessions!

Since joining Liven Up, my results continued to progress. My weight was down, body fat was down, and my muscle was up. I remember feeling like there’s no stopping me now! I was incorporating fitness into my daily life which allowed me to make better choices for my body – not only with food, but also with products that I use daily.

In Fall of 2016, things changed for my husband & me as we found we were expecting our first child. Throughout my pregnancy, I struggled with getting to the gym. I soon started to find out my body was telling me to take it easy and couldn’t handle the workouts anymore. In December 2017, I came back to the gym and had my first in-body. After stepping off the scale, I never felt so self-conscious seeing how much my body changed to grow a healthy human being. I don’t regret any of it, but I just knew as a mom, I had to grow my confidence & strength back to be a great mother, wife, daughter, & friend. I remember writing goals down with John that day and I knew I had A LOT of work to do.

I unfortunately have Diastasis Recti after giving birth which inhibited me from doing a lot of core exercises. But the coaches took it slow & modified a lot of my workouts. As time passed, my energy rose & I started to notice a difference. The weight started to shed off, along with the body fat, and muscle started to grow back. Since December, I have lost over 20 pounds of body fat!! This summer I geared up with the Liven Up team for the Savage Race. Finishing that race alongside them made me realize how much I had grown over the past months in my fitness journey. That was my first race ever, and to have completed a 5K obstacle course, 9 months after having my daughter, I knew then, I could conquer anything.

As mothers, we tend to worry a lot all while holding it together either at home, work, or both. I have found that exercising is a great way to reduce my stress levels and feel confident in myself  – not only mentally but physically too. Moms are often the first to ignore their own needs and last to care for themselves. I promised myself that I would instill good habits for myself and into my daughter’s life. By exercising and treating your body right, you are demonstrating not only a healthy lifestyle but also that caring for yourself is important.

This gym has become my home, my family, my place where I look forward to going every single day. Everyone who walks through the door truly cares about you! I have made some great friends, including moms who I look up to. Between the coaches, staff, members, Chris and Whitney, the Liven Up community is one that you’ll hold on to forever!!