Sweat Succes Story: Anna A.

I belonged to almost every gym in the Lehigh Valley prior to joining Liven Up. The workouts at these other gyms became boring to me and the employees didn’t care about their members very much. I also did at home workouts, but I preferred more of a group environment. I first came here because I was bored at my old gym, and my friend gave me a 30 day pass for Liven Up.

I was hoping for a fun workout and environment that kept me motivated and Liven Up has absolutely done that. I’ve been a member here for about 6 years. My favorite thing about Liven Up is the people – the members, the staff, and the owners. I can’t imagine my life without Liven Up! I have a stressful job and work 7 days a week most weeks. Being at Liven Up gives me the energy to do what I do and has been a great source of stress relief through the years. I’m always happier when I leave Liven Up after a workout!

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