Sugar Shake Down: 5 Foods that Shockingly Contain Sugar

When we think of sugar, we think of that white, granulated stuff that Grandma throws in her famous Dutch Chocolate Cake. Ah, but be warned. Sugar comes in all shapes and sizes, not to mention the multitude of names it hides behind. Xylitol, sorbitol, evaporated fruit juice, and erythritol are a few of the common sugar aliases found on ingredient labels. It’s hard to spot the foods that contain sugar if you aren’t actively looking at labels, besides your obvious sweat treats. Next time you step into the grocery store, be reminded of these following foods that contain sugar and try to find healthier alternatives.

  1. Yogurt – Flavored yogurts contain about 7 tsp. of sugar. Stick with the plain yogurt and add healthy toppings.
  2. Oatmeal – Attack of the flavor again! One flavored packet of oats can have up 14g of sugar. You may as well eat cookies.
  3. Salad dressing – Stick to a homemade oil and vinegar dressing, as bottled dressings can contain up to 15g of sugar.
  4. Granola – A ½ cup serving of this crunchy treat can pack up to 13g of sugar. Talk about a sugar rush.
  5. Orange juice – This tropical drink contains 20g of sugar per 1 cup serving. Eat the sugar right out of the jar, why don’t ya?!

Manufacturers have a way of sneaking sugar into your favorite foods without your knowledge. There are several more foods than what’s listed above that pack way more of a sugar punch than what you’d expect. Be sure to check those labels and save the sugar for special occasions.