Sweat Success Story: Joan R.

Joan has been a member of our community for over 4 years. She is one of our early birds, hitting the gym at 5 or 6 in the morning. She’s a working mom and wife to her husband, Juan, also a member of our community. Together, they have created a healthy lifestyle in which they hold each other accountable and push each other. This month, we’re celebrating Joan’s amazing results from training with us!

“I originally came to Liven Up because I needed a change, not only in my exercise routine but my nutrition. Other fitness facilities were intimidating, I was never sure what to do on all the equipment –  I still don’t even know! Prior to coming to Liven Up, I would exercise on my own. I would jog and do work out videos at home. It worked but I wasn’t really dedicated to them. There were no long-term results and I always seemed to fall back to my old habits.

I definitely got the results I was looking for from Liven Up and more! There are so many benefits to this program. When they say the scale doesn’t tell the whole story, believe it. Losing 23 pounds of body fat is the real story along with the muscle gain. I can honestly say that prior to Liven Up I had no fitness goals and now I am always looking to my next set of goals.

What I like most about Liven Up are the coaches, staff, and my FitFam. All the coaches have kept me accountable over my last 4 years. This past year, with the help of Coach Emily, I have really committed to my fitness plan through more On-Point meetings. The FitFam is amazing too. It’s a community of likeminded people which makes working out fun.

Liven Up has not only given me some great physical results but has given me self-esteem too. Setting goals and achieving them is a big factor in this. When your health is good, everything else falls into place.”


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