Nighttime Nutrition: 5 Foods to Avoid Before Bedtime

Have you ever found yourself running on fumes, unable to get a full night’s sleep? It may be one restless night or several, but we all know that dragging sensation we feel throughout the day because we just aren’t getting enough sleep. There may be something that isn’t allowing us to get enough sleep and we just can’t put our finger on it. Have you ever considered that your lack of sleep is directly correlated to your nighttime nutrition? That’s right. Blame your food! Keep these following foods out of sight if you want a little more shut eye.

Dark chocolate – Chocolate is a stimulant and could be causing your restlessness.
Pretzels – This addictive snack causes a rise in blood sugar which can mess up your sleep pattern. Those pesky carbs!
Chili peppers – These fiery peppers increases your metabolic rate and can leave you up at night. Stay away from anything spicy.
Chinese food – Ah, an MSG nightmare! Much like caffeine, MSGs will keep you staring at your wall all night.
Fruit – Avoid any type of fruit before bedtime as the acidity may cause you to run to the bathroom several times throughout the night.

If you’re struggling to get an adequate amount of sleep to keep you energized throughout the following day, watch what you’re eating before you rest your head on your pillow. If you MUST have a snack before bedtime, look up some healthy alternatives that won’t make you toss and turn.