GMOs: A Big No-No

Genetically modified organisms, also known as GMOs, are organisms whose genetic material is genetically engineered and added to the food we eat. Time out! Genetically engineered. Modified. In our food. Red flag! That definition alone should freak you out, but what does it all mean? The list is endless as to why you should steer clear of these devil organisms. Here’s just a few reasons:

  1. Health risks: After GMOs were introduced to the public in ’96, health problems skyrocketed among previously healthy individuals. Disorders such as Autism and reproductive disorders were more common, as well as food allergies and chronic illnesses.
  2. Environmental damage: GMOs pollute our water and highly reduce biodiversity. Because of this, many species of insects, amphibians, and birds are put in imminent danger and risk extinction.
  3. Dangerous side effects: Inserting, deleting, and mixing genes modify GMOs, which causes several harmful side effects. Modifying genetic material can create new allergens, carcinogens, and toxins.

The bottom line is this: Do not buy food containing GMOs. By doing so, you are protecting yourself, family, and the environment from the inevitable side effects associated with these organisms. With your help, we can rid our food supply of GMOs once and for all.