3 Reasons to Ditch the Dairy for Weight Loss

Cheese. Whipped cream. Chocolate milk. Ice cream. The list of dairy products most of us love to indulge in is endless. However, it may be screwing up your weight loss goals. Who would have thought?! You’re probably thinking, “But, hey! I need calcium in my diet, don’t I?” While you are certainly correct and dairy products are a good source of calcium, they may be messing with your body’s natural balance. Here are 3 reasons to reconsider dairy if you’re trying to slim down.

1. Sugar content: It’s always amusing to tell someone who drinks milk to go look at how much sugar is in one serving; 13g to be exact. That in itself should make you run for the hills. Read the labels on other dairy products and you’ll see similar information.

2. Acid imbalance: Dairy products form acid in our gut which is a big no-no for weight loss. Because of this, dairy causes poor digestion which will leave you holding onto those last few pounds.

3. Lactose intolerance: Nearly 75% of the population cannot effectively break down lactose, the main carbohydrate in dairy. This leaves your gut very unhappy as it works overtime trying to digest it and ultimately failing to do so.

Dairy products can be very nutritious, so you shouldn’t discount them completely. If your ultimate goal is weight loss, then you might find that eliminating dairy products from your diet will help you achieve your goals.