10 Benefits of Reducing Clutter

  1. Feel less anxious: Clutter is made up of stuff that is usually either junk, unfinished projects, or things that need to be handled that we’re avoiding. All of these things in your environment are like trying to tuck away a bad memory instead of dealing with it head on!
  2. Have more productive days: When you don’t have physical obstacles like piles of paper staring at you, you’re much more likely to get more done in less time. 
  3. You might lose a few pounds: Excess clutter is correlated with excess weight. Our environments are an external mirror of our internal mind and life; when you free yourself of extra stuff, the pounds are more likely to come off!
  4. Free yourself of emotional stagnation: Releasing any things that you are holding onto from the past will help you feel more free and present.
  5. Sharpen your mental focus: Clear spaces and counter tops are a feng shui way to express mental energy. Mental energy helps you think sharply and zero in on the tasks you select as important. 
  6. Let your creativity flourish: When you shake yourself free of “stuff” you don’t need, you become open for energy to flow freely.
  7. Get allergy relief: Stuff collects dust, chemicals, mites, bugs, and even mold. You’ll be surprised what a difference this makes!
  8. Be open to opportunity: You may find money (hello couch cushions!) or greater opportunity both personally and professionally.
  9. Get a self-esteem boost: Clutter decreases our self-esteem with reminders of things we don’t need or don’t want to see.
  10. Have more energy, and be happier: When there’s nothing impeding on your environment, you’ll feel lightness, increased energy, and motivation!


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